TV Executives Admit that Hollywood Pushes a Liberal Agenda

Middle America you are a bunch of “idiots” with “medieval minds” says Susan Harris, the creator of the 70’s hit Soap and the 80’s hit Golden Girls. She says: “At least, you know, we put Obama in office, and so people, I think, are getting –have gotten– a little bit smarter.”

Based upon everything she says in the clip of this brief interview, I imagine her saying the latter with Tesla electric-arc effects going off in the background while she laughs maniacally up to the heavens.

If you didn’t know it already, fellow conservatives, an author named Ben Shapiro is here to provide further proof that conservatives are not welcome in Hollywood. Ben Shapiro has created thirty-nine (mostly audio) taped interviews with Hollywood’s behind the scenes minds that he’ll roll out piecemeal during the next three weeks. (The first seven clips are located under the link below.) These audio tapes are being released by Shapiro to promote his recently released book: Primetime Propoganda: The true Hollywood story of how the left took over your TV. Shapiro wrote the book to make the case that TV industry executives, writers and producers use their clout to advance a liberal political agenda.

In the link below, the reader will find Hollywood producers from Friends, House, Soap and Golden Girls, Happy Days, M*A*S*H, MacGyver, Family Ties, Charlie’s Angels, Starsky and Hutch, Fantasy Island and even COPS talk about an overt bias in Hollywood against anyone and everyone who doesn’t think the way they do.

One example is Dwight Schultz, best known for his roles as Murdock in The A-Team and Barclay in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The late Bruce Paltrow knew that that actor Dwight Schultz was a fan of President Ronald Reagan. When Schultz showed up for an audition for the show St. Elsewhere, a show Paltrow produced, to read for the part of Fiscus, Paltrow told him: “There’s not going to be a Reagan asshole on this show!” The part ended up going to Howie Mandel.

In one video, Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman says that when she cast Candace Gingrich-Jones, half-sister of Republican former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, as the minister of a lesbian wedding, “There was a bit of (expletive deleted) in it to the right wing.”

Another video has Leonard Goldberg — who executive produces Blue Bloods for CBS and a few decades ago exec produced such hits as Fantasy Island, Charlie’s Angels and Starsky and Hutch — saying that liberalism in the TV industry is “100 percent dominant, and anyone who denies it is kidding, or not telling the truth.”

Ben Shapiro said these executives felt comfortable talking about politics with him because they assumed, incorrectly, that he was a member of the left.

“Most of them didn’t Google me. If they had, they would have realized where I am politically,” he said. “I played on their stereotypes. When I showed up for the interviews, I wore my Harvard Law baseball cap — my name is Ben Shapiro and I attended Harvard, so there’s a 98.7 percent chance I’m a liberal. Except I happen not to be.”

Shapiro says he didn’t disclose that he’d be releasing the tapes, but that his subjects have no reason to complain.

“I asked them for permission to tape, and there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy when you’re being interviewed for a book,” he said.

“If they’re going to be shocked at something, it should be themselves, not me,” Shapiro said. “They should be shocked that opinion is so one-sided in Hollywood that it’s OK to say, ‘I’m fine with discrimination.’”

“My whole book is a plea for openness in the industry,” he added. “Hire people from the other side of the aisle once in a while, or at least stop mocking them.”

Conservatives have been told, for at least a generation, that they are the ones that believe what they are told to believe. They have been told that they are mind-numbed robots walking in lock step to their conservative leaders. Liberals, on the other hand, have subsisted on the idea that they are the more open-minded, free-thinking types that rebel against the establishment and the status quo. They have minds of their own, they say. They don’t kowtow to the man, in the manner conservatives do. Is it possible that they’re not as free-thinking and open minded as they think they are? Is it possible that they just watched too much TV growing up?

When you inform your friends that there is too much liberalism on TV and the movies, and your friends laugh at you and say “there goes old Ernie again” you can now quote the author Ben Shapiro when he says: “Television has been perhaps the most impressive weapon in the left’s political arsenal.”

Once a person opens their eyes, I often tell my friends, they will begin to see the overwhelming amount of liberalism in TV and the movies. Being an aware consumer, in the modern era, is equivalent to being the only one aware of the alien invasion, in a 50’s alien invasion movie, once you see what’s going on around you, you can never “unsee” it again. Yet, like a 50’s alien movie, those attuned to the manipulation are usually running down empty streets late at night screaming: “Why won’t someone believe me!?”

Well, they don’t believe you, they won’t believe you, and they probably never will. They’ll say that you’re too uptight and that you need to get out more or go for a walk. If that happens, now, a conservative can go ahead and drop a quote from Fred Silverman on them. Silverman is the former head of ABC and later NBC, and he said: “There’s only one perspective, and it’s a very progressive perspective” in TV comedy today.

Perhaps the most overt manipulation that Ben Shapiro documents on television viewers occurs with the television show Cops

Addressing the criticism Michael Moore makes toward the content of the show, in his movie Bowling for Columbine, the creator of Cops, John Langely said:

“What irritates me sometimes is critics will watch Cops and say, ‘They misrepresent people of color.’ It’s not true,” Langely said in a May 8, 2009 interview. “Au Contraire. I show more white people than is statistically what the truth is in terms of street crime. If you look at the prisons, it’s sixty-something percent people of color and thirty percent of white people. If you look at Cops, it’s sixty percent white and forty percent people of color, it’s just the reverse. And I do that intentionally, because I don’t want to contribute to negative to negative stereotypes.”(1)

The creator of Cops, John Langely, does not provide details regarding how he accomplishes this feat. He does not discuss how many tapes he receives in one week, during this interview, but based on what he did say, one would think that if Michael Moore, and the critics of the show, were to sit in on the process the show uses to determine what tapes to air, they might be quite pleased with the effort that Langely, and his people put into avoiding the contribution to negative stereotypes. Those of us that know an individual with Michael Moore’s mindset, know that they would not be satisfied with the process no matter how much effort they put into avoiding negative stereotypes. The goal of a Michael Moore type is to never show a person of color in a negative light, on any show that purports to depict reality, for they fear that that show may unfairly demonize a person of color.   

In this vein, there are news networks that will depict the idea that some people of color are alleged perpetrators of a crime. Some news analysts that share Michael Moore’s worldview will diminish this practice, of these select networks, as racist. The question these critics never ask, or answer, is are these depictions of people of color disproportionate compared to the rest of the population, and what percentage of those alleged perpetrators have been convicted. If one is going to make such a charge, they should be required to back it up with data.

On the flip side of the coin, lays a question in regards to depicting people of color committing crimes. Are those that complain about news networks and shows depicting people of color committing crimes ready to say that they never commit crimes? No, they are saying that there is a disproportionate amount of coverage devoted to depicting this. Okay, well the liberal John Langely has done his best, with his show, to artificially inflate the numbers to the reverse for this purpose. The critics are still not happy with his show.

This can only lead to one conclusion, they want reality shows, and hard news networks, to mirror the artificial world, such as that which exists in the fictional shows of TV, and in the movies, in which people of color are never the alleged perpetrators. Or if they are, those of us that have our eyes opened to the subtle persuasion tactics of script writers and producers know that if we stick with the show long enough, we will find out that the person of color did not commit the crime, and it was only the perception of the white cast members that led them to that fallacious notion.

The final question I would ask these complainers, is what kind of world do you want? Do you want a world that depicts a reality, or your version of reality, and if these complainers managed to persuade everyone involved to portray their version of reality, what would be achieved in reality? Putting an end to stereotypes may achieve the admirable goal of resulting in fewer people stigmatizing people of color, but would that be a result of opening our eyes to a truth that we didn’t know existed, or would it be a result of us plunging our head in sand?

I’m sure that liberal news reporters and anchors will bemoan Ben Shapiro’s actions in these audio tapes in much the same manner they did James O’Keefe when he created videos about ACORN, Planned Parenthood and NPR. Opponents of Shapiro and O’Keefe call it “gotcha” journalism. They will say it’s shoddy journalism, but they won’t tell you that 60 minutes basically invented this kind of journalism. They also won’t tell you when they applauded the now famous Erin Brockovich when she spearheaded a campaign of “gotcha” journalism against Pacific Gas and Electric, it resulted in a 333 million settlement. They also won’t tell you about the recent surveys and studies (12/2010) of the Brockovich story’s city Hinkley, California. They won’t tell you that these surveys and studies reveal “no evidence of cancer excess.” (2) They won’t tell you that, because Erin Brockovich is on their side. They don’t tell you this either due to bias, or because they simply don’t see it. I know that’s nearly impossible to imagine, but it could be that those in the media have been told what to believe for so long that we no longer question it properly. Maybe they don’t have minds of their own. Maybe they’re the ones that believe only what they’re told, or maybe they watched too much TV growing up.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” –Anais Nin.

(1)Shapiro, Ben. Primetime Propaganda. Broadside Books. 2011. Page 204-205.



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