Democrat Fundraiser: The Republican Debate sent out an email fundraiser signed by former “greatest press secretary ever” Robert Gibbs. The email concerns CNN’s Republican debate the other night.

Gibbs: “I’m writing to you from Manchester, New Hampshire, where last night I witnessed a spectacle that every single Obama supporter needs to hear about.

Gibbs: “The major GOP presidential candidates debated for the first time and made one thing very clear: They have no agenda but to take down President Obama.”

Response: Even if that were true, it would be enough for most Americans. One look at the polls suggests that Americans have taken an ABO approach to next year’s election. (ABO being Anybody But Obama.) If it’s true that Republicans have no agenda for the next election, we must also ask what is Obama’s agenda? Obama has not submitted a budget after all. Is he voting present again with the American public, or is he mimicking the Democrat Congress that chose to avoid submitting a budget to theoretically lessen the damage they foresaw in the 2010 elections? Is Obama playing politics as usual by attempting to lessen his negatives with what equates to a “present” vote, or is he being deliberate with his budget?

Gibbs: “They even nodded along when one called the Obama administration a “destructive force,” and they said nothing when another said the President has “embraced our enemies.””

Response: Has Obama embraced our enemies? Those of us who are not insiders aren’t privy to the inside information to give a full answer. We do know that Obama has probably done more damage to our friends than any other president in our lifetime, and that includes Jimmy Carter (during his presidency). Obama has not been a friend to Israel, and he has done some symbolic things to attempt to do damage our relationship with Britain. Furthermore, Obama has taken numerous opportunities to apologize for America’s past behaviors. He has, on numerous occasions apologized for the Bush Administration. Reading through Bush’s book “Talking Points” will assure any reasonable American that he did his best while in office. He did his best with an “America first” policy to attempt to make the world a better place for Americans. If you disagree with that policy, that’s one thing, but philosophical disagreement with an idea should not lead to apologies to other countries on the world stage. Unless, that is, that one believes the other acted in evil, harmful ways against our enemies. Obama was, in essence, apologizing to our enemies to ingratiate his administration to our enemies for future negotiating purposes. Ingratiate, embrace. It could be said that just about every president apologizes and embraces an enemy in some meaningless and symbolic ways (behind the scenes) following an unpopular president, such as Bush and Obama, to open negotiations with the enemy and start a new regime. The exception to this rule may have been George W. Bush, but he had 9/11. These meaningless and symbolic methods of apology are rarely broadcast, and they are never given from podiums surrounded by our enemies. Some of our enemies, such as China, have declared that Obama’s apologies for America are a sign of weakness.

Gibbs: “Last night was a wake-up call to anyone who thinks they can sit tight while the Republicans battle each other for the nomination: The campaign to defeat Barack Obama and roll back his entire record is well underway. And that’s the one thing on which all of their potential candidates agree.”

Response: Businesses are concealing their assets and putting a freeze on new spending. The media asks why. The media (See Paul Krugman) believe that reason is greed, but every business man from the ten year old running the lemonade stand to the CEO of IBM understands that a successful businessman must spend money to make money, so greed would have these businesses spending more money. They’re not. Why? Pundits on the right say they’re scared. They say we’ve never had such an anti-business administration in the history of our country. We’ve never had an administration without one person from the business world. We’ve never had an administration that passed legislation that harmed so many businesses, aside from General Electric. Some say the business world fears what’s coming down the pike with legislation like Obamacare and cap and trade, or a concealed cap and trade shoved through our system piecemeal and under cover of the night. Others say businesses fear, and are constrained, by what’s already been passed by this administration and the 111th session of Congress. Whatever the perceived and real fears of the business world, it appears the only method through which we can relieve their fears is through rolling back the entire record of the Obama administration to give the business world confidence to begin investing and spending again.

Gibbs: “It was seven against one. Since the President won’t be speaking for himself at one of these debates until next year, our best response is to show the Republicans that when they attack Barack Obama, it only makes us fight back harder.”

Response: The question is what do Democrat followers fight back with at this point? 9.8% unemployment, $3.60 a gallon gas, and perceived ineptitude both domestically and in foreign affairs. Do Democrats fight back harder with Obama’s golf handicap? According to a 3/10/2008 Golf Digest article, Obama’s handicap was a 16. That ranked him 123rd on a list of the top 200 golfers in Washington. Has the handicap improved? Is he higher on the list now? The White House won’t tell us. White House Spokesman Jay Carney responded to recent inquiries regarding Obama’s handicap by saying, “that’s classified.” Classified? I realize Carney spoke in jest, but Democrats around the nation are screaming: “COME ON! We need something here Jay. Give us a bone, so that we can fight back harder with something. Give us something so that when they bring a knife, we can bring a gun. We don’t even need a gun,” his anti-gun loyalists scream, “but give us something!”

Gibbs: “Fundamentally, last night’s debate was about which of their candidates would turn back the clock the farthest.”

Response: Democrats have been asking that we turn back the clock too. They want to turn the clock back to Clinton’s tax income rates. They’re convinced (politically) that this will set us back on the path to solvency. They’ve convinced (publicly) that low taxes have taken us to our current straits. The implication being that they don’t have to turn the clock back to Clinton era spending. No, say Democrats, current spending levels are fine and dandy. That’s not the problem. The problem is they don’t have enough of your money to spend.

Gibbs: “They came out for re-fighting the battles they lost on Wall Street reform and the health care law. They backed reinstating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.””

Response: Senator Rick Santorum: “The military should not be used as a social experiment.” As for nationalized health care, what are the poll numbers on nationalized health care? Haven’t judges reversed the law based on a Constitutionality? What have been the fruits of Wall Street reform? Republicans want to re-fight these battles, because they see those Democrat legislative victories as a victories against the people, against business, and against individual freedom. They see it as Democrats over playing their hand. Republicans see a business acting in an unlawful manner, and they want to punish the individual business accordingly. Democrats see a business acting in an unlawful manner, and they want to initiate comprehensive legislative actions on the way Americans conduct business. Anyone who has worked in an office knows what I’m talking about when management passes out a rule for all based on the nefarious activities of the few. I guess we all need to question how we want our legislators to solve our problems on this one.

Gibbs: “They even talked about abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency — and phasing out Social Security and Medicare.”

Response: The EPA has been nothing but burdensome for business, killing jobs all along the way. Some say that’s their job. Job well done. Thanks Nixon! Social Security and Medicare are going broke. Phasing out, overhaul. Whatever you have to do. What’s your administration’s plan Gibbs? Take the money from Medicare to fund Obamacare?

Gibbs: “They actually spent time debating whether they think Sarah Palin would have made a better vice president than Joe Biden (spoiler alert: They still think so!).”

Response: Are you talking “gaff a minute” Joe? A better question than could Sarah be better is who could’ve been worse? You can’t really be asking your constituents to put themselves in a sling and damage their reputation among their friends by defending Joe Biden. He was selected to sit in an office John Adams (our first vice president) declared: “the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived”. Even at that, “gaff a minute” Joe has been a laughing stock.

Gibbs: “But the words “education” and “middle class” were never uttered even once.”

Response: We’ve spent billions on education, funding teachers’ unions and the NEA, and we haven’t accomplished squat. Obama’s solutions have evolved around more spending, and invoking protections for inept teachers’ unions and the NEA. Perhaps, the reason that education and middle class weren’t mentioned had something to do with the fact that no question was asked on the topic. Shovel ready jobs weren’t mentioned either. What’s your point? That the middle class should get an education in shovel ready jobs?

Gibbs: “If you were watching at home, you might have thought it was a re-run from four or eight years ago.”

Response: This is an excellent point. Americans do fear a rerun of two years ago and four years ago. Most people regret electing Obama two years ago, and they regret sending Pelosi, Reid and a Democrat legislature to Congress and the Senate four years ago. We have learned our lesson, and we won’t repeat it Robert.

Gibbs: “Most of these people are full-time candidates with nothing to lose and nothing to do but keep pushing to take us back to the failed policies of the past.”

Response: I hate to be a stickler here, but they could lose the Republican ticket and in doing so lose their chance to become president of the United States. If that means nothing to Gibbs, let’s hope it means as little to Obama. He did, after all, confess that he wouldn’t mind being a one term president. He has talked about how being leader of the free world was stressful. None of his advisors told him this? Has he studied history at all? Why isn’t this listed as one of the dumbest statements ever made? Why isn’t Bill Maher using this quote to call Obama a dumb (insert vulgar term for the female reproductive organ) in the manner he did Sarah Palin. Obama has talked about how he misses the freedom he used to enjoy as a private citizen. What do you say we all, Robert Gibbs and the rest of you Democrats, make Obama’s dream come true. We do not want the failed policies of the past haunting us, our children, or our grandchildren as your anointed one leads us into a spending headache similar to a brain freeze from too much ice cream eaten too quickly.


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