Obama sings “Waiting for a Miracle”

Is the miracle over? Is the dream of hope and change now resting on the ash heap of history for most Americans? President Barack Obama doesn’t think so. Obama is, in fact, doing a cover version of Leonard Cohen’s “Waiting for a Miracle” at a bus stop near you. Some have said that it’s a wonderful rendition that includes the lyrics: “if it weren’t for Republicans putting party over country”, and “natural disasters here and abroad”, and the “poor economy I was handed by the Bush administration”.

It is a fact that Bush, the 109th and 110th sessions of Congress, and the Senate of those years (in which Obama had a seat), gave the 44th President, Barack Obama, a poor economy to steward. We’ve heard Obama cite this fact a multitude of times, but no one has ever stopped to ask him what he did to reverse the course we were on at the time he took over. What he did, instead, was to triple down on everything Bush tried. Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is trying to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Obama did not heed this advice when he tried to complete and double down on Bush’s bailout efforts. Obama then tried increasing the amount of Bush’s stimulus package (700 billion) by 87 billion dollars, and he has recently tried doubling down on Bush’s CAFE standards on the automobile industry. One of the Bush bills that Obama cited as providing an enormous drag on the economy was Bush’s prescription drug plan. To rectify this drag, Obama led a move to provide nationalized health care. How can any of these moves be called corrections on the bad economy he inherited in 2008? A correction on that course would’ve been better for the country, but he chose his party’s agenda, and now we let him get away with saying that the Republicans are putting party over country?

As further evidence of Obama putting party politics over the country’s welfare is the idea that his version of Keynesian economics isn’t working. Some would argue it has never worked in the history of mankind, and it’s been tried numerous times. It would be foolish to say that Obama, and his fellow Democrats, don’t know their history, so the question is why try it? We could reasonably say that they believed that the reason that their philosophical ideas have never worked is due to the fact that it’s never been tried by Them. The question that follows this arrogant notion is how long do you continue to try it? Where does one draw the line in seeking the success of a political agenda that’s never been successful before? Or, a better question might be where does one draw the line between the success or failure of an agenda versus the results they’re having on the whole? Where does one sacrifice one’s own ego and say that their agenda may not be the best course of action for the country? Is there such a point for this current lot of politicians? Is there a time line for success? Is there a point in the graph of the American economy where Obama, and his fellow Democrats, should say, ‘okay that hasn’t worked, let’s try something else’? Some would say we’ve already reached that point, others would say we haven’t been patient enough. To quote incoming vice-president Algore, “Everything that should be up is down, and everything that should be down is up.”

The answer to the question of what you do when an agenda hasn’t worked will undoubtedly be to further the agenda. Obama has recently said that he plans to reverse the angle of this slope on the graph with a “jobs plan” that he will be proposing in the coming months. What is a Democrat jobs plan? As White House spokesman Jay Carney has admitted, “We don’t create jobs.” Congress does not create jobs, and the Senate doesn’t create jobs either. Yet, we’re constantly bombarded with ‘jobs’ plans from this current crop of Democrats to solve the unemployment crisis. In their jobs plans, there may be some attempts to spur private industry, but these attempts are only made in Democrat approved sectors of private industry. They invest in green energy, give GE more money, and they talk about building and rebuilding Democrat approved venues of the economy, like schools. Who could be against rebuilding, or fortifying dilapidated schools? Well, no one, but these are short term fixes to the unemployment crisis. Do any of these Democrat jobs plans free private industry types up from regulation and taxation to spur economic growth from the ground floor up? No. That might dirty the water and the air, or it might allow corporate jet manufacturers, CEOs, and big oil types to get richer while the rest of us get poorer. No, the plans that this current crop of politicians usually put together involves digging holes and covering them up…or furthering the agenda.

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman: “In this universe, it makes sense to have one group of workers dig holes, and another group fill them back up. Sure, when all is said and done, there is nothing tangible to show for this effort, but at least it “creates jobs.”

Sure, you may have nothing tangible to show for your efforts, but at least you’ll get the fleas off your back for a while, and when the pointlessness of such a plan reveals itself for what it is, give them other holes to dig and fill. How often do you do this? Well, how much money do you have? What’s that? Don’t have enough? Get Congress to give you more, or print more…that printer is just sitting there…get her cranking…we have an economy to save. Or how about taxing the rich more? No Democrat has thought of that before to get out of whatever hole they’ve dug for themselves. The point is: Never give up the agenda. The point is: In this aspect of our philosophy you’ll have to flip these dogs a bone every once in a while if you want to get elected and re-elected. The point is: You will have to weather the storms and the crises of the moment until the economy can fix itself. And how does the economy fix itself…if you stay true to the agenda that invokes onerous regulations and massive corporate taxes on private industry…somehow. Somehow, magically, the economy will fix itself, and you’ll have to let them eat cake until that happens.

Obama is nothing more, and nothing less, than a politician some would argue. Obama has a philosophy–just like your beloved Ronald Reagan had a philosophy–that he believes will make America a better place. Reagan was given a horrible economy by President James Earl Carter, and he had some years in which we were required to be patient to see his plans come to fruition. Reagan’s philosophy eventually bore fruit, they say, what’s the difference here? We’ll have to leave it to Obama fans to list the similarities in the progress of their respective agendas, because that would take an individual smarter than some obscure blogger.

The idea that Obama is a miracle worker is no longer on the table for Democrat strategists. He’s simply not accomplished his rendition of ‘the miracle’ by making his version of Keynesian economics work for the first time history of mankind. His job now, if he chooses to accept it, is to try and convince the American public that it will work…eventually…if everyone and everything would just get out of the way and let it happen, and even those most ardent Obama acolytes would have to admit that that doing so will take a miracle.


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