The Issues VI

Liberals and racism: The idea that America is a racist country has been a mantra of the left for more than a generation, but as someone once said, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”  It appears as though Herman Cain is making a substantial move to gaining the Republican nomination.  If he continues this ascension, it’s going to get ugly.  Anyone who believes that conservatives are racist will learn that they ain’t seen nothing yet if an individual of African-American descent rises on the national stage with beliefs that are contrary to those liberals believe a minority are required to have.  They will call him every racist name they can get away with, and they will think that they can get away with it since they’re liberals and he’s a Republican.  They may not be blatant about it at first.  They may develop some sort of excuse.  They may quote a negative comment made by another African-American and use that as a launching point, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Brokaw won’t be crying over a Cain victory, and the only thing that will be shooting up Chris Matthews’ leg will be a bolt of hatred.

Obama killed another terrorist:  Well, he didn’t do it with his bare hands, but if you listen to the mainstream media you’d think the guy flew down to Yemen and ripped the guy’s throat out screaming, “I told you, you mess with America, and I’m going to have to go Mortal Kombat on your hind quarters!”  Republicans are all told, you have to give him credit.  He got another one.  He ramped up the drone program to a degree that the Bush administration never did, and he hasn’t ended any of the programs that Bush put in place to thwart terrorism.  Fair enough, but Obama and his legion tell us every day that they inherited this awful economic mess from the Bush administration, but they never say anything about what they inherited from the Bush administration in the war on terror.  They simply take the fruits from the Bush administration’s labor.  My question to those Democrats that tell Republicans that you have to give Obama credit for what he’s done is, if he’s not willing to take any blame for the financial mess we’re in today, why should we give him all the credit for what he’s done against terrorism?

Some Democrats, and Ron Paul, are upset that Obama’s team had the terrorist killed.  The Republican note on this is that Obama, his team, and the military probably wouldn’t have to kill these terrorists if it wasn’t for the ACLU and the NY Times.  That’s right, if we could try them in military tribunals, incarcerate them, and use the normal tools we use in war we would probably incarcerate them as P.O.W.’s, interrogate them, and use coerced interrogation techniques to get information on future attacks.  Due to this fact Obama, and every president that follows the lessons learned from the Bush years, will have terrorists killed rather than deal with the media savagery involved in bringing them home alive for interrogation.  The ACLU and the NY Times have terrorist blood on their hands.

Which famous president is Obama?: In the tradition of Bill Clinton, Obama and his followers have always tried to figure out which president he is.  Most Democrat pundits like to say that Obama is like Reagan.  Obama likes to think he compares favorably to the greatest president of all-time Abraham Lincoln.  The one thing that made these other two presidents historic was their ability to convince the other side that what they were doing was right.  Lincoln convinced his most ardent opponents to join his cabinet, and Reagan got so many Democrats to jump the fence that they developed a term for it ‘Reagan Democrats’.  Reagan also got so many Democrat legislators to vote for his tax-cut bill that he impressed the stodgy, old partisan Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill.  Both presidents were despised and loathed by the other side, but when push came to shove they were able to convince the other side to come on board.  When was the last time Obama convinced the other side that he was right on anything…other than RINOs like Olympia Snow, Lamar Alexander, and Susan Collins?  When Obama had his chance to extend a fig leaf to Republicans to end politics as usual…when he didn’t have to get a single Republican vote to pass a bill…when he had the legislative branch in his pocket, he would tell the other side ‘I won’ and close the door in their face for one of their many closed door sessions.

2012 election: The eventual Republican candidate in 2012 should tell the American public: “We tried it their way.  Look where it got us.  They drove us into the ditch.”  The Republican should also say, “Look at the spending numbers between when Bush left office, and when Obama took office.  The latest reports have it that the debt Obama has rung up a 4.212 trillion dollar debt in less than three years. The debt that all of the previous presidents from George Washington to George H.W. Bush combined rang up is 4.167. Combined!  Now, one does have to factor in inflation, and the subsequent devaluing of the dollar that occurred between Obama and Bernanke, but ’08 candidate Barack Obama called Bush unpatriotic for far less spending. So, I think Obama is just, plain unpatriotic.” If I were the Republican candidate in 2012, I would use ’08 candidate Obama’s quotes verbatim, and we could all have a big laugh when the media castigates the candidate who says it.

Alternative Energy: One can tell the Obama administration worries about the $535 million dollar loan they extended to Solyndra.  Since the Solyndra scandal broke, and everyone oohed and awed at the car wreck of the financial irresponsibility that the administration displayed, they have sent over $6 billion dollars to alternative energy companies.  Your tax dollars at work right?  The most accountable administration in the history of the Republic right?  Pay more taxes and shut it!

Nebraska football:I’ve noticed that the most knowledgeable Nebraska fans rarely wear red on Saturdays.  The ones who wear red are usually the ones who talk during the ‘boring’ parts of the game when the game is being decided in the trenches, and then they complain or hoot and holler at the outcome of the internal skirmishes.  They have no idea, in other words, what happened or why it happened.  It’s usually the ones who forgot to wear red that are watching how their defensive tackles are blowing up our guards that know that this is going to be a long day for the Huskers.


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