Eric Holder: An unusually good liar

HolderWe’re all had friends and associates who are “Unusually good liars,” as former Senator Bob Kerry once labeled President Bill Clinton.  We’ve all marveled at the fact that these people can lie without conscience.  We’re uncomfortable when we watch the display, but there’s a super-secret part of us that wishes we could do that too.  We find it fascinating one minute, we wish we could use such talents to get us out of our travails the next, but we grow increasingly uncomfortable when we see the lies branch out and broaden.  It’s then that we realize we begin seeing a very scary side of our friends.  We see that there’s something about this that they enjoy.  They enjoy the verbal sword play, they enjoy the challenge, and they’re shockingly well prepared for it.  Even though they’re “our guy” and we’ve pledged some sort of allegiance to them, we begin to question everything they’ve said to us to that point, and this is due to the fact they’re so good at it.  In the congressional hearings on Fast and Furious, we’ve seen that President Barack Obama’s Attorney General and Chief Law Enforcement Officer Eric Holder is an unusually good liar.  Based on his testimony before this committee, we must all question everything he’s said to us to this point, whether he’s one of “our guys” or not.

The most important lie in the Congressional hearing occurred when the Attorney General (AG), and Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Eric Holder was asked when he first heard of the operation called Fast and Furious: “I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious over the last few weeks.”

If you are unfamiliar with the Fast and Furious operation , please go to the brief summation below.


Other articles confirm, via Congressman Daniel Issa, that at least 200 Mexicans have been killed via this program, and at least two Americans.

“Now that you’ve been briefed on it,” Issa said after a pregnant pause following Holder’s ‘last few weeks’ comment.  “The President has said on March 22, that you did not authorize Fast and Furious.  Did your Deputy Attorney James Cole authorize it?”

(Author’s note) This is where the AG Holder slips from “great liar” to merely an “unusually good liar” in our ranking system.  Holder loses some points in our ranking system for asking that the question to be repeated twice.  Those great liars that I knew would’ve never revealed themselves in this manner, but then again they’re never been before a Congressional committee and C-SPAN either.  Those that I knew may have slipped up and failed to hear the question once, but they would’ve never been so foolish as to reveal themselves by asking their interrogator to repeat the question twice.  That would be seen as amateurish in the lying world.

One can only guess that Holder was thinking about the fact that he was committing a felony, and that he was committing perjury before a Congressional committee.  In the Democrat party, this usually means that you have to go to bed without dessert for a night.  One can only guess that Holder was thinking of the perfect way to toe the tight rope between the truth and the lie in a manner that would avert such ramifications.  “Don’t think do,” Yoda would’ve told him.

“My guess would be no,” Holder finally said.  “Mr. Cole, I don’t think, Mr. Cole, I think, I don’t think Mr. Cole was in the department at the time that operation started.”

(Author’s note) It’s impossible to know if he was lying or not at his point, for he covers himself in “I don’t think, I think, I don’t think” Clintonian-style parsing that could lead to a “I said that I thought that I didn’t think…” defense.

“But he’s been aware of it much longer,” Issa said of Deputy Attorney James Cole.

“Been aware of it much longer?” Holder repeated.

“Been aware of it for more than a few weeks,” Issa said.  Issa then went onto ask Holder if Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal DivisionLanny Breuer authorized the program.

“I’m not sure whether Lanny Brewer authorized it…you have to understand the manner in which the department operates,” Holder said with distant eyes, as he prepared his filibuster.  “Although there are operations, this one has become, gotten a great deal of publicity.”

(Author’s note) At this point in the hearing, Holder was attempting to diminish the Fast and Furious operation to one of many that the Justice Department handles.  Normally, as has been their history, the Republican in charge of the hearing would allow the AG to filibuster.  Issa (not your father’s Republican) would have none of it.

“Yeah, there are dead Americans as a result of this failed and reckless program, so I would say that it hasn’t gotten enough attention, has it Mr. Attorney General?”

Holder goes onto mumble something about how there is an investigation ongoing.  The implied statement therein: ‘You can’t ask me about an ongoing investigation’ or at the very least, ‘you can’t expect me to know all of the answers of this, until the investigation is complete.’  The dirty, little secret being that a ‘Justice Department’ investigation will either never be ‘completed’, or it will find certain nameless individuals are to blame for negligence and incompetence.  And since those parties have already resigned, a tacit implication of guilt on this matter, no further action need be taken to embarrass or sully the reputation of the administration…or something like that that will protect everyone involved.

To view a video of the testimony, please follow the link below:

Very few unusually good liars lie just to get away with something.  Unusually good liars usually need a cause, and it’s usually not hard for them to find one.  Take the Holder case.  Holder didn’t have to look long and hard while preparing for his testimony.  He was testifying before a committee that was chaired by a Republican, and Republicans are evil by their very nature.  When they eat a croissant in the morning, they do it evil.  If you doubt this, you may want to tune into what is called the Rachael Maddow show, or even watch an X-files rerun.  Detractors have said that the grand cause behind Fast and Furious was to garner support for further gun control.  I don’t know if this was Holder’s cause or not, but I’m sure he used something to gear himself up for his testimony.  If the search for a cause, or a bad guy, proves fruitless try something, anything to justify this one, little, harmless, white lie to cover for this one occasion in which the truth is secondary.  Unusually good liars do it every time.  It’s what makes them unusually good at it.


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