Can Mitt Romney transform America?

Former Governor Mitt Romney claims he’s going to give it one, last ditch effort to try and save America if he’s elected president.  Mitt has made a claim that he’s willing to be a one-term President if it means overturning everything that’s been done the last twelve years—particularly the last four.

Personally, I’m a little tired of hearing Romney say he’s going to overturn Obamacare.  It’s probably why I would not make a great politician, a great musician, or an ad executive.  I loathe repetition.  I can’t stand it, but I do know that if you want a human being to know your message, you have to repeat it over and over and over again, until it sinks home.

Congressman Michele Bachman’s warning also doesn’t sit well with me when I hear Romney simply state that he will overturn this effort to transform America into a socialist country.  Her warning is that this mammoth piece of legislation, we call Obamacare, cannot be overturned in the manner Romney is suggesting.  She warned that by the time a Republican takes the seat, parts of Obamacare will be so entrenched that it will have to be fought line by line.  Her point was that no one has the temerity, or the knowhow, to do what needed to be done to erase Obamacare from our daily lives.  Her point was that only a legislator that knows the minutiae needed to weed out the damage that Obamacare promises to do to this country.

The question that Bachman raises is a good one.  Another question might be can a legislator weather the storm that is sure to follow any attempt to overturn and weed out the elements of Obamacare and all of the socialist legislation that has been passed over the last twelve years?  Or, would it take a proven leader, a Governor, to take on tasks that are unpopular in the short term for long term results?

Does Romney have the temerity to be such an unpopular president to overturn everything and rid our Republic of all of the waste, fraud, and abuse that have become so entrenched in our government?  Romney supporters would probably say, sure, he’s a good man.  Look at what he faced so far in Bain Capital, as Governor, and as a candidate for the Senate.  He’s a man who knows how to make tough decisions, and he has a proven track record.  But does he have the temerity it will take to fight back the media?  Does he have what it takes to weather the riots that are sure to follow some of that which he overturns: A la Greece, a la France, a la Ireland?  You take away their goodies, and some people don’t shrug and go out and get a job.  They riot, they burn stuff, and they occupy.  After showing that mayhem, the media will show your face and your press secretary taking questions, and you’re supposed to plod on with your agenda like nothing happened.  There aren’t a lot of people who can weather such a storm and remain teathered to their idea that what they’re trying to do is better for America in the long-term.  Most politicians will scale back a little bit to show that they’re kinder and gentler.  Most people can’t handle it when the onslaught that begins to weave its way out of NY Times headlines and columns, to the evening news programs, to the late night talk shows, to Saturday Night Live, and onto to the Marys in accounting who say: “I was with Romney when he did such and such, but he didn’t have to do such and such, that hurts such and such a people.”  Most people want the Marys of this world to like them, and they’re not willing to have their face put to the repetition.  What Romney is saying from the podium sounds great, but it’s ensconced in theory and sent out to friendly crowds where it plays well, but will it play as well in debates and in legislation and onto reality?  Will he have the temerity of a Reagan who watched all of this going on around him and pushed forward with what he believed in?

Romney says if he wins, he’s going to transform America back to what it used to be before moderate Republicans and liberal Democrats took the reins and progressively transformed this country into what it is today.  Many have said that Romney is a moderate on some social issues, but most have no question that he’s as close to a pure Capitalist as we currently have running for office.  He really believes Capitalism is the way to go, and he’s been able to defend his position against those who have called him a vulture capitalist.  He deftly avoids backing down on his position, but is it because he believes it, or is it political know how?

It’s hard to win me over with material that comes from a podium, but when one quiety laments that his ideas may rub some people the wrong way once it’s put into play, and that mirrors my beliefs I get so excited I’m bouncing off the walls.  It makes one think he might actually do this, but whether he has what it takes to get it done is another question altogether.  He appears to have a strong faith, and thus a strong constitution, that can combat all of which I described above.  He avoids full-fledged attacks that vet his positions on issues, but does that mean that he’s simply well-schooled in the art of debate, or that he believes in what he stands for in a manner that suggests that he might become an excellent statesmen?


One thought on “Can Mitt Romney transform America?

  1. I’d appreciate it if he could just put the Constitution back on its rails and then simply follow the rules. I’ve never thought that America needed a huge transformation from the original design. That said, we do need somebody with the good sense to lead us back to the original path.

    It scares me a bit that his sense of direction on several issues, seems to change with the political wind.


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