Bob Kerry will run for Nebraska’s Senate seat

The moment we Nebraskans have been crossing our fingers over for so long that we nearly went blind is finally here! Bob Kerry has informed Democrats to inform MSNBC to inform people to inform people from Nebraska that he has decided to run for the Senate seat that Nebraskans allowed Ben Nelson to occupy for twelve years. For those broken hearted Democrats that have longed for this day, after being rejected so many times for better opportunies, Bob is apparently ready to scrape the bottom of the barrel and give us his representation.


I’ve already written quite extensively on Bob Kerry’s record of statements and beliefs, and that information is in the link below, but that was before decided to Kerry register to vote in his West Omaha home…Errr, I mean the home he says he lives in with his sister. He lives with his sister? All right, he doesn’t live with his sister, but he listed his official residence as his sister’s home. Either this economy is a lot tougher than we thought, or Kerry may be carpetbagging.  All right, that may be a little harsh, but the official reason we currently have for Bob Kerry registering in his sister’s West Omaha home is “most likely legal reasons that will be discussed at a later date.” Um, what?

Kerry has basically said that he may, sometime down the line, possibly purchase a home in Nebraska if it’s mandatory politically…unless he wins. If he wins, he and his family will be moving to Washington D.C. If he loses, he’s probably not going to move to Nebraska.  What would be the point?  He has stated that he’s not going to move his family to Nebraska at this point, for “political reasons”. If he wins, he’s moving to Washington D.C., but he might purchase a home in Nebraska.

So, he has a problem “politically” moving his son, Henry, and his wife to Nebraska, but he has no problem moving everyone and the family dog out to D.C. What does that mean? Does it mean that he wants to avoid having his son subjected to political proseltyzing from Nebraskans? Or, is he just more at home with the politics in Washington? Whatever the case is, we now know that he undoubtedly loves Nebraska.

He apparently had more than a few Nebraskans fooled on his off again/on again decision of whether to run for Nebraska’s Senate seat. Two days ago, 2/27/2012, Bob Kerry’s “good friend” Chuck Hassebrook told us that Kerry would not be running for the Senate seat:

“I do not believe the report that Bob Kerrey is getting in the Senate race. Bob Kerrey is a man of integrity. He told me as recently as a few days ago that he would assist my campaign. I gave up my seat on the University of Nebraska Board of Regents based on his word. I do not believe he would go back on it.”

‘So sorry about that,’ Kerry emailed to Hassebrook. Ok, that is not a direct quote, I have no idea what was sent in that personal email, but the point is Kerry did email this apologetic notification to Hassebrook. This poor Chuck Hassebrook decides to prematurely end a career based on a word of support from Kerry for Hassebrook’s Senate candidacy, and the presumed acknowledgement in that word of support from Kerry that he would not run.  When Kerry changes his mind to “on again” Chuck gets an email that says, ‘sorry Frank…errr chick…errr Chuck.’ Kerry did not even go so far as to provide Hassebrook a broken-hearted, personal appearance.  That may have resulted in confrontation, or it may have been too inconvenient and too expensive for Kerry.  He did not call Hassebrook either. He sent his “good friend” an email. One has to wonder what Hassebrook thinks of the “man of integrity” now. One has to wonder if Kerry has a form letter that his political advisors put together as a template for Kerry to use in any and all of the situations he creates for himself:

Dear (Fill in the Blank),

I must happily/regretfully (circle one) inform you that I have/have not (circle one) decided to run for the position of (fill in the blank) in your state. I am pleased/distressed (circle one) by the joy/tears (circle one) this may cause you. Remember, you are always in my thoughts and/or prayers, and I will always consider you a friend/family member/adversary.

Your (fill in the blank),

Bob Kerry

(Rubber stamp signature here.)

“It’s interesting,” says the Street Sweeper at, “that Kerry decided to release the notification of his decision through the national media.”  Who do you think you are Mr. Street Sweeper?  Are you from this state?  Do you know anything about the esteemed former Governor and Senator?  Bob Kerry doesn’t have to notify your local media outlets. Bob Kerry is a star. Stars do not have to bother with petty, insecure types, like those in your state of Nebraska that want proper notifications delivered through what you consider proper/local (circle one) channels to show that a proposed representative cares about you.  Stars disregard people like you.  They’re indifferent to your concerns in life, and that’s why we love them.

Bob Kerry knows that if this information plays well in New York it will play well in any place…that he seeks to represent that lies somewhere between Iowa and Wyoming…and is in the Central Time Zone…and they have an upper case ‘N’ on the helmet of their university’s American football team, and it’s called…Nebraska. He didn’t forget. It’s been a while, and he just forgets names every once in a while, so lay off!

What all of these Nebraska people fail to understand is that Bob Kerry is a star. What Nebraskans, who ask how a guy who has lived in New York for 11 years can run for Nebraska’s Senate seat, don’t understand is Bob Kerry is a star. The rules and standards that you and I hold dear, do not apply to stars. Stars do what they want. It’s a fact of life. Get used to it!

There is no rule that a potential candidate should have more than a few business stops in the past decade in the state they seek to represent, as long as they register to vote and “establish residency” in said state, but there is something of a standard. This standard suggests that a person who has spent more than a month in the state in the past decade understands said state’s issues. Again, he can circumvent the rules by registering to vote, and claiming he lives with a relative, but if the citizens of Nebraska want to avoid further humilation in D.C. halls, they may want to require a higher standard when it comes to their representation.


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