Liberalism is dead! Long live liberalism?

“Certainly liberalism is dead,” said R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., author of a new book, “The Death of Liberalism.”

“In an interview, Tyrrell, the founder and editor of the conservative American Spectator, suggested that the war on poverty and gun control have failed from a lack of new ideas and misguided focus on side issues.

“Consider, there are unprecedented levels of poverty under Obama despite an enormous proportion of the federal programs now being devoted to eliminating poverty and the Messiah simply calls on the electorate to redouble its expenditures–very dramatic!” he told Secrets with his trademark flair.

“And, he added, “With roughly 200 million guns loose in the country a maniac commits vast carnage in Colorado and the New York Times, in its headline, claims we are all ‘reviving debate’ on gun control. We can not even control our borders but somehow we are going to gather up two hundred million guns. As I say liberalism is dead–brain dead and otherwise.”{1}

Photo by Joaquin Siopack-Pool/Getty Images

Anyone who doubts that liberalism is dead—or needs to die—should be forced to ask the question, where does liberalism from here?  In 2008, the liberal dream occurred when more liberals took office in our three legislative branches than at anytime in our history.  Conservative and more independent minded Democrats were intimidated and hushed, as just about every aspect of the liberal dream was put through Congress, the Senate, and under the President’s pen.  The result of all of this liberal legislation is a poor economy, and a level of poverty that hasn’t been seen since 1965.  The ’08-’10, 111th session of Congress engaged in unprecedented levels of spending, and the country’s poverty level is back to the 1965 (pre-Great Society) levels?  Where do they go from here?

Do they have Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke do something temporary to the currency, so the market will bump temporarily enough to get them back into office?  If one listens to a Senator Chuck Schumer (D, NY) that is precisely what we should do.  Let’s say that Bernanke does initiate quantitative easing (QE3), what some are calling the final bullet in Bernanke’s arsenal, and it helps the market temporarily enough to get Democrats re-elected, where will we go from there long term?  Who cares, say Schumer and Obama, get us re-elected, and we’ll deal with the long term consequences when they rear their ugly heads.  Or, put another way, let’s initiate QE3, so we can find out what’s in it.

Obama told us to be patient, and his philosophy would eventually win out.  He wasn’t lying when he said this.  He truly thought that his philosophy would eventually win out.  It hasn’t, and he’s no longer telling us to be patient.  In desperation, Obama has renewed his focus on the “Blame Bush” meme that he’s been putting forth since his 2008 election with the hope that it will hold true through the 2012 election.  A new poll from The Hill is suggesting that it may already be fracturing:

“Is the slow pace of economic recovery inevitable? A 66 percent majority say no, that it’s the result of bad policy in Washington, D.C. Only 26 percent say the weak growth is unavoidable. Among independents, 65 percent blame Washington, and 29 percent say it’s inevitable.

“Even worse for Obama, 37 percent of independents, who will likely determine the election’s outcome, blame him for the nation’s dire economic straits. Another 29 percent blame Congress, 20 percent blame financial institutions and corporations, and 9 percent blame Bush.”{2}

In the early months of the 111th session of Congress and Obama’s presidency we all knew that the “times they were a changing”.  We knew that a storm was a coming, and many of us on the right said that with such unprecedented change on the horizon, shouldn’t we engage in unprecedented scrutiny to see if all of these proposals will work?  Such a high level of centralized government hasn’t worked in the past, in any country, so why do we think it will now?  We gave Reagan patience, was their answer, so Obama deserves at least as much.  First of all, that’s not true.  If the gauge of liberal thought can be represented in the voices on the mainstream media, they tore the Reagan approach and philosophy apart.  They were incredibly impatient with Reagan’s proposals.  They interviewed every twentieth worker in the nation who had been laid off before Reagan’s proposals could effect a turn around.  Then they sat back and mourned the failure of Reagan’s legislation months after it was initiated.  Obama, on the other hand, has been afforded a great deal of patience from the mainstream media, on the basis that he is our president, and “We have to give him a chance to succeed.  “If he succeeds, we succeed,” they said.

To this, Rush Limbaugh said, “I hope he fails!”  Liberals got very emotional about this.  They said it was unpatriotic to hope that any president fails.  They said it was a personal attack against the president.  Most conservative bloggers weren’t as bombastic as Limbaugh, and they backed away from stating that they hoped Obama would fail, but they knew he couldn’t succeed either.  They knew the various economic philosophies that have been tried in history, and they simply knew that historical precedent suggested that the Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer model couldn’t succeed.  Liberal defenders of Obama declared this to be a personal attack too, as they did any statement that suggested that Obama would do anything but succeed wildly, but it wasn’t a personal concern for most conservatives.  It was just business that they were concerned about.

{1} {2}


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