Simple Truths

“In the grand tug of war of things, (The Joker) needs the Batman to pull the rope towards order so his tugging towards chaos has the resistance (it needs) to make it meaningful.” Daniel Fincke @{1}

1) Conventional Order–People are pulled to order through conventional wisdom, and they follow the natural conclusions of conventional order to hopefully avoid the internal chaos that could come from random, individual thinking. There is this belief, inherent in all humans, that others know more than we do, particularly if the others are in seats of authority. Most people, most Americans, want it known that they do not trust authority figures, yet they yield so much of their thoughts to these figures that actions speak louder than words.  When you pose contrarian thoughts to new-age conventional beliefs, they balk. ‘Who do you think you are?’ or ‘That’s just your opinion.’ Most people don’t know how often they stand up for conventional thinking, for they (Americans at least) believe that they are fundamentally unconventional in their thinking, but when someone comes along and threatens the fundamentals of convention, they defend it.  It’s as if they’re saying, “Your random thought could shake up my universe, and I’ve found a degree of comfort and happiness believing in what those with more authority, and more credentials believe.   You are not an authority figure of any kind, why should I take you seriously?’  This is true, of course, but my question is what has listening to them ever gained you?  Why are you taking all of your favorite authority figures so seriously?

images (1)2) Simple Truths–I believe in simple truths, yet I’m not one that believes that there is one simple truth and that’s that.  I’m not one that says I’m right and you’re wrong.  I have confidence in many of my solutions, but I’m not so egotistical to say that if my suggestion is proven wrong that we shouldn’t just try another.  I believe there are a multitude of simple solutions to problems, and it’s our job to explore and pursue them.

That argument stands in direct contradiction to the wonderful people that sit back and look at a problem and marvel at how complex it is.  They tell me, and others that think like me, that my solutions are too simple, and it’s primarily due to the fact that I do not sit in a seat of authority. Perhaps, if I wore a white, lab coat when I said it, these people would take me more seriously. Either that, or they dislike what I’m saying so much that portraying me as one without authority, or a white, lab coat, allows them to dismiss my opinion without guilt.

“My solution may not be the correct one,” I admit, “but let’s find a solution.”  This is when they’re exposed, for wonderful people that are not solutions-oriented.  They just want to point at stuff, click their tongue and say isn’t that awful, with the hope that you’ll sigh at them and recognize their recognition.  My simple truth is that if one solution doesn’t work, try another one.

3) Objectivity–Most people view traditional thinkers as closed minded.  Contrarians and cynical thinkers are given all the glory for original thought.  When a traditional thinker challenges the thought processes of the cynical contrarians, that traditional thinker is perceived to be closed-minded, regardless whether they’re right or not, and those that celebrate cynical contrarians do not entertain the thoughts of a traditional thinker.  Doesn’t that make them close-minded?

4) Entertain–Someone once said, “it is far easier to entertain than it is to educate.”  My concentration will be on the latter, based on the fact that I want to be taken seriously first and foremost.  Once I feel this is accomplished, in the blog I’m writing, I will go back and attempt to insert humor to drive the point home through entertainment.  It’s long been my motto, watching others, that it is far easier to educate when you’re entertaining.


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