The Uninformed and their Disinformation

A friend of mine recently stated that he is not in the stock market, because he thinks it’s on the brink of collapse.  There is the possibility that this was a genuine statement, and that the information that he has attained has led him to an informed statement in this regard.  Knowing him in the manner I do, however, I doubt it.  I think that he either doesn’t have the money to make a decent investment, or he doesn’t have the the degree of knowledge necessary to succeed in the system.  Rather than make such an embarrassing statement, the guy chooses to sound bold and informed on a level beyond mine.  Therefore, I become the naive one who believes in the system without anyone questioning him further.  It led me to realize what an easy road this man selected, and how my failure in this system has led me to being a greater embarassment than the one who doesn’t even try…as long as he puts forth the correct qualifiers.